Tower Buster

SKU: ngp-tb

Purchase price: R86.70     Information: Orgonite with Tourmaline. Balances energy fields and protects from electro-magnetic frequencies.

Transmutes harmful effects of EMF & negative radiation

Protection from harmful EMF energy. Purified water and atmosphere. Improved plant health. That’s how your garden benefits from Orgonite Tower Busters. Orgonite restores etheric energetic balance to the environment by converting stagnant, negative energy into dynamic, positive energy – the ideal environment for life to thrive, be it animal, vegetable or mineral. It neutralises electromagnetic radiation sources such as cellphone/TV/radio towers. It has the ability to vitalise the atmosphere and purify water. It helps plants to grow better, and require less water making them more drought resistant. The added Tourmaline energetically repels pests.

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