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Purchase Price: R600.00/10m2   Supercharge - Soil building, the natural way -- Nutrients + Worm cocoons + carbon mulch + micro organisms + trace elements = SOIL.  Cape Town only.    MATERIALS PER 10m2. 1 x 25kgs Green Nutrients,  1 x 500g Soil Build,   100mls Compost Extract + 10 mls Trace Elementals, and 5 x 50dm bags Carbon Build.  Should you wish NGP to install your Supercharge email  How to order: Calculate the size of the area you want to Supercharge, eg. 30m2 and then order 3 x 10m2; or 300m3 and then order 30 x, and so on. TRANSPORT:  Please bare with us as we do not have a transport matrix, therefore email for delivery costs.  Thank you.